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She refuses to go and lets Tarzan XXX go alone. Disney wisely chose a more straightforward, less wordy climax. Recording with Phil was fun and a bit overwhelming. The question is further complicated by Tarzan discovery that he is different from his ape family-and doubly compounded when humans, Jane Porter, her father A. Q. Porter, and Clayton arrive in the jungle. I wonder how many missed the cameo by Mrs. Potts and her offspring Chip? Overall, Tarzan Anime has good morals, a strong family message, and a cute and innocent romance. A new CGI technology was developed for the film that cause the jungle backgrounds to have a certain depth to them. Despite the Internet rumors and what other people have been saying about this title, I still decided to approach the DVD with an open mind, mainly because I'm a fan of the cartoon, The Legend of Tarzan. That timidness fades throughout the film, however, turning Tantor into a super elephant. If it weren't for the flashbacks, this 70 minute movie would be short, indeed, though to be fair if you haven't seen the series the flashbacks don't seem as much padding as they undoubtedly are. The audience wouldn't want Tarzan Adult to be reconciled with Kerchak if the ape was a murderer. Have the film end with Tarzan defeating Sabor and placing him before Kerchak.