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Tony Goldwyn - Tarzan Adult Tony Goldwyn, the talented actor/director (who directed Miramax's, A Walk on the Moon), enjoyed doing the part of Tarzan Fucking. Another awesome aspect of the film is actually something that Disney didn't do. And how many fathers would be so quick to part with their daughter? As longtime fans of the Tarzan novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs, as well as Disney fans extraordinaire, we faced a dilemma: how would Disney's new animated Tarzan feature stack up against the original novels? Feel free to resize it to any size you like to fit your needs. The real Tarzan Adult, a grim and rather uncheerful sort given to harsh practical jokes, might have appeared (I do not count the plucking of an elephant hair as a real Tarzan Naked practical joke). capturing the upper class in America and was particularly noted for his portrayal of upper class women - dubbed the Gibson girls. Unlike most recent Disney films, Tarzan songs more closely resemble the style used in Lion King where the songs are song over the action; the characters themselves do not have a singing role. The score is quite good, although nothing remarkable; the interesting parts come in with the use of percussion instruments in the main songs. The Great White Hope is at once more civilized and more savage than the natives--he is the Lone Ranger and Tonto. Tarzan Nude developed strong instincts in the jungle and those instincts seemed thrown away when Clayton entered the picture. The fact that Tarzan is really an English lord--Lord Greystoke, to be precise--was central to Burroughs' conception of his character.