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Tony Goldwyn is the voice of Tarzan XXX, Minnie Driver voices Jane, Lance Henriksen is Clayton and Glenn Close is the tender voice of Kala, Tarzan Hentai gorilla mother. It's great fun to finally be in one, she said. Two other must-sees are the behind the scenes footage (about 5 minutes each) in front of the Mulan and Bug's Life videos, which shows off some of the breathtaking backgrounds and a short interview with Glen Keane. I had to be dragged kicking and screaming to see it, since I was a fan of the old Tarzan movies, books, and TV series, and figured Disney would water it down to mindless pap. Play down one side of the equation, and the meaning of this whole system of pre-World War II social stereotypes collapses. Look for more information on this technique in an upcoming Tarzan Anime feature story (behind the scenes) by Animation Artist magazine. From music by Phil Collins to excellent background scores by Mark Mancina (buy his Twister score for some more excellent music) and a strong animation team, Disney will no doubt make strong impressions and a lot of money. Tarzan Disney turns Burroughs' Ape-Man into a Momma's Boy. It was quite surprising when Kala (the mother gorilla of Tarzan) starts singing a song only to have her voice morph into Phil Collins voice! By jumping out of airplanes in his 70s, Bush continues to battle the Wimp Factor. The Disneyfied Tarzan Adult is such a wimp that he is not allowed to kill anything or anybody, although our Paleolithic pacifist is permitted to use martial arts techniques in self-defense. Here Terk and Tarzan are watching the approach of a deadly leopard named Sabor, who has entered their home territory.

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